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—  Capturing a beautiful moment worth celebrating!


Professional Engagement Photography


Engagement Photography Services

Starting at $199

Engagement photos are about celebrating and remembering this special time in your life. This moment where a photo beautifully tells your story. I love that I get to capture these special moments for couples! It’s where you can just relax, have fun, and just focus on each other. Let me guide you along the way as I capture that heartfelt kiss, that love-filled hug, and that look you give each other when you know you found the love of your life.



For $199 you will get one hour of beautifully captured images with exceptional service! Once I return to my studio (same day) I will upload all of your raw images (Unedited) in low-resolution JPEG format to your online gallery where you can download one or all of your images.



Need high-resolution images? For $299 you will receive all of your raw images (Unedited) in high-resolution JPEG format the very same day plus an additional hour at no additional cost (two-hours total included).



Need more time? For each additional hour it is only $99.


Photo Editing Services

Just remember, you’ll receive either low or high resolution photos based upon the service you purchase above (except for Retouch).


Unedited ― $0

I love capturing special moments and being able to give my clients a much more customizable and affordable service.

Cull & Correct ― $49

For those who want a little more personalization, the Cull & Correct editing service is a great option to add-on to your photography service above. With digital photography, there can be hundreds or even thousands of photographs to go through. The Cull & Correct editing service will remove unnecessary duplicates, blurry photos, test shots, and photographs with closed eyes or unattractive expressions. I’ll also correct the white balance and exposure of each photo.

Style ― $99

The Style editing service gives you everything that the Cull & Correct editing service gives you, plus it turns your raw image into a stylized photograph where I'll correct the tone, color, contrast, sharpening, cropping, and straightening of each image.

Retouch ― $149 + $9.99/photo

Retouching photos takes a lot of time! Every photo has a certain uniqueness to it that requires a different manual technique. This editing service gives you exceptionally unique and beautiful photographs where I’ll go in and remove stray hairs, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, fix skin blemishes, do body shaping (weight loss), and/or add a filter effect to help give it a more unique and artistically rich feel to it. There is a one-time fee of $149 (five retouched photos included) that includes the Cull & Correct and Style editing services, plus a charge of $9.99 for each additional photo you would like retouched. All retouched photos can be downloaded in high resolution.



Regardless of the service or add-on you select, when you purchase a Print, Wall Art piece, or Album each high-resolution photo is beautifully retouched by me and approved by you! Want to see which photo would look best on your wall? No problem. I have a gallery specifically designed for this. You can upload a photo of any room in your home or office to see which of your favorite photos will look best on your wall. You can even change the size of the photo to see almost exactly how it’ll look on your wall. Want to purchase an album? I’ll custom design a beautiful album that allows you to review it online where you can swap photos, make comments, and when you’re finally happy with it, you can approve the design. Once you approve the design of the album, I’ll send it off to my printer in Italy who will carefully handcraft it.

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